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My pottery mirrors my outlook in life: free flowing, abstract, unique, and optimistic. Adapting to what life dishes has made me accepting of challenges and tune into opportunities. Pottery is a tactile creative outlet for me in which I can experiment, explore, engineer, and imagine while contributing to supporting my family and volunteering. It satisfies my mind to make functional pieces giving me a sense of purpose and empowerment, knowing I made something useful for someone. My heart is delighted making art with character and expression, knowing I am adding beauty to people’s lives.

Living on the spectacular central coast of California I find an abundance of inspiration all around me. Exploring the beaches, lakes, and woods impresses me with free-flowing, organic, asymmetrical ideas. Discovering the variety of local, artisan made food and drink thrills me and bubbles up ideas for unique, harmonious dishware.

I share in these adventures with my incredible husband and curious Guide dog. He is a source of joy, enthusiasm, support, and encouragement. He helps me with graphic design, web design, photography, and any other assistance I may need.

Libby is my black lab, guide dog. She is my first guide and I’ve had her since January 2013. “Liberations” is a fitting nick name we’ve given her. She has freed me to walk our neighborhood and get about with ease and confidence. Her sweet friendliness helps me break the ice with people and talk about having blindness with grace. Speaking of which…

Long story short, I developed blindness at 17 along with a whole new perspective in life. I don’t allow Blindness to define me, but it’s my reactions to it that shows who I really am. I confess it is frustrating at times but I don’t let that stop me. I choose to focus on the abundance I can do rather than what I can’t do.