Pottery Tricks and Tips with Hadley School for the Blind

The Crafting Circle discussion group from Hadley school for the blind for July 2020 peaked my interest with the topic of pottery. I tuned in and ended up offering a few tips. The hosts appreciated my expertise so much they welcomed me to stay on the line and help answer questions. Thank you to the hosts, Leeanne and Jennifer! It was really fun!

To listen to a recording of the discussion, go to Hadley’s Crafting Circle: Pottery Tips and Tricks. It will ask you to log in to Hadley. Creating an account is easy, or you can sign in using Facebook or Google.

The tactile nature of clay is a delightful creative outlet for the visually impaired or blind. If you are curious about getting started with clay, this discussion is a good overview. We talk about using air dry clay as an excellent way to start shaping and sculpting without the need for a kiln. Air dry clay is wonderful for taking impressions and capturing memories such as a child’s hand print, a pets’ paw print, or a leaf, rock, or trinket from a hike or vacation. Check out the discussion for more ideas.